Fake It Series

A condemned apartment building means I’m stuck sleeping in my car. My carefully planned future—gone. 

It’s just bad business to admit to being homeless when you’re the top selling real estate agent in the county. So when a fellow evictee, Nola, comes up with a solution to my homeless situation, I take her up on her offer.

An empty house with a gorgeous roommate? Sign me up. 

I didn’t know that staying at her friend’s house would lead to us pretending to be married.

I didn’t know I would get elected to be president of an HOA I have no business being a part of.

And I’m beginning to suspect my beautiful, devious, fake wife isn’t telling me everything.

What happens when we get another roommate, and our deception moves to the next level?

Nola is the whirlwind I didn’t want in my life—but she just might be exactly what I need.

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She disappeared from our lives without a word. I never expected to run into her at a Quik Mart in between jobs. What’s a guy to do when he finds his first crush? Follow her home, of course, and remind her of all the things she’s missing.

I didn’t know that holding onto Riley would involve living in a trailer park. Or keeping it a secret from my sister—her best friend.

Riley is completely at home with lawn-mower racing, beer-guzzling exhibitionists. She doesn’t think I can handle it.
Well, I’m going to show Miss Trailerhood that I’m here to stay—no matter what trailer-park mayhem she puts me through.

Love is patient, love is kind, love means buying a single wide.

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A romantic comedy adventure

Fletcher is the “World’s Worst Boyfriend” and I have the trophy to prove it—along with the consolation gift card I’ve already spent.

Entering him into the anonymous contest was cathartic and eye opening. It’s obvious I need to end this farce of a relationship… so, I do.

Too bad I’m still comparing every man I meet to Fletcher. 
Too bad I can’t get him out of my mind—or my house, for that matter, with the way he’s always stopping by to ‘fix’ something. 
And it’s especially too bad that I’m learning not everything is as it seems, and that maybe, just maybe, Fletcher had a good reason for his actions. (Although, there is no justification for the moldy laundry.) 

What’s a girl to do? He says he’ll explain everything soon. But am I ready to face that explanation? What if he’s really not the worst—what if I am?

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