Author services coming soon!

Beta Reading

I will provide you with a reader’s gut reaction to your novel. Inline comments on plot, character, pacing, confusing sentences/paragraphs, etc. (I am not a copy/line editor and will leave all technical grammar, punctuation, etc for your copy editor.) 

I’ll provide you with a written summary at the end of your story with any other comments/suggestions to help tighten up your book. 

Genres I beta read: Romance, contemporary romance, romantic comedy, romantic adventure, romantic suspense, ya romance, na romance, historical romance, women’s fiction, and chick lit.


*Note: no erotica, sci-fi, or fantasy. (I would be little to no help in those genres. 😉 )

Opener: espresso shot

Up to 3,000 words=$6

Starter: cappuccino

Up to 20,000 words= $20

Medium: mocha

20,000-45,000 words=$40

Large: americano

45,000-75,000 words=$60

Extra Large: Latte

75,000-100,000 words= $80


Formatting: Coming Soon!

Simple Ebook formatting (mobi, epub, and pdf provided) = $25

Simple ebook and paperback = $40



Interested in beta reading or formatting services? You can email me at